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This Cat Can’t Sleep If Its Human Mother Isn’t Holding Its Paw

Jamie is a 13-year-old cat who was given to the RSPCA Australia because his former human mother could no longer care for him because she had been moved to a nursing home. This cat had bad teeth, kidney problems, and cat flu, so they provided him with the veterinary care and attention he needed to recover. If you don’t hold his paw, the cat will no longer sleep.

The staff was devastated that they couldn’t find someone to adopt him because of his age, then Sarah Dempsey came into his life and changed everything. Jamie was the greatest choice for this woman who needed a cat to keep her company.

Dempsey and Jamie

If you don’t hold this cat’s paw, it won’t sleep.
Sarah explained to The Dodo:

“He was sleeping when I met him, but he awoke as I leaned down to look at him.”

Dempsey and Jamie

“He plainly wanted some attention, so he inserted his paw inside the cage’s slot, touched my head, and purred.” The staff later allowed him out to observe how he interacted with me, and he was quite kind. He was well aware that he would save me from loneliness, and that I would do the same for him.”

Dempsey and Jamie

He wants to stay at her side at all times now that they are inseparable.

She says:

“He will not abandon me.” He follows me around my flat and talks to me late at night ยป.

Dempsey and Jamie

This kitten is so pleased next to his adoptive mother that he refuses to leave her at any moment. Dempsey realized that if she does not hold his paw, he cannot sleep.

“It meows if I let go of it, and my hand returns to it.” “I believe we’ve already come together.”

Dempsey and Jamie

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