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This Homeless Cat Snuck Into A Nursing Home And Found A Job

Oreo is a lovely cat that works in a nursing home. Her hair is black and white, and she is very sociable. She made it to Cleveland’s St. Augustine Health Ministry, where she stayed and stole everyone’s hearts.

A receptionist at the facility, Carmen Delgado, said:

“She’s like family to us.” She assists the residents and the personnel, and I adore her ┬╗.

Everyone enjoys feeling Oreo’s presence.

Director of Advances Dana Carns said:

“Most of the individuals we look after have pets…having Oreo here and being able to snuggle the cat and see how he’s doing gives them a sense of home.”

“Even on evenings and weekends, staff send me photographs like ‘Oreo is at the front desk answering the phone since it’s late,’ or’she’s sitting with a resident waiting to be picked up,’ and so on. I believe she provides us with many laughter, smiles, and a sense of normalcy.”

This Cat Snuck Into A Nursing Home And Got A Job

Dana continued:

“The residents are ecstatic to have Oreo here. Everyone adores her and seeks her out for cuddles. She simply provides a lot of smiles, a lot of laughter, and a lot of normalcy┬╗.

On the other hand, the nursing home’s whole staff is overjoyed to have a cat as adorable as Oreo in their midst. She has given delight to everyone, both residents and staff, and the elderly are encouraged to leave her alone to welcome and pamper her.

Oreo was given a permanent home by these individuals, and she repays them with tons of loving purrs and hugs.

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