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Woman Built A Ladder So Homeless Cats Can Get In When It’s Cold

A woman in Turkey erected a ladder to provide refuge for stray cats throughout the winter. ebnem Ilhan is a dentist in the city of Tekirdag who also loves cats. She couldn’t stand seeing these creatures suffer in the cold, so she came up with this concept, and they accepted her offer to enter.

According to Sebnem Ilhan of The Dodo,

“I built the ladder so that the cats might enter the safety of my house.”

She made the decision to convert her house into a winter cat refuge.

Because the woman was unsure of how her neighbors would respond to her window item, she embellished it with flower pots.

She said:

“I figured if I placed a couple pots in, no one would notice.”

However, it has been well appreciated, particularly by the many cats that have taken advantage of its offer of a warm spot to rest.

Ilhan not only helps animals in need in this way, but she also works at a local shelter to care for stray dogs and cats.

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