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Cat Miraculously Survived For Five Days Under The Rubble Of The Earthquake In Italy

Gioia, which means Joy in Italian, was buried beneath the wreckage of the earthquake that struck Italy on August 24. The cat stayed in the remains of her human’s house in Amartice for five days.

She escaped the terrible scenario uninjured owing to the firemen who did a great rescue job; she was thirsty, but they quickly gave her water and gave her a veterinarian check-up.

Daniela Tursini, Gioia’s human, was one among the earthquake casualties; she managed to run when her house fell, but Gioia hastily hid when she sensed the rapid motions, making it impossible for Daniela to save her.

Daniela grew desperate when she saw no evidence of her cat’s existence and demanded that her search be carried out; she was losing hope of locating her, but five days later she received the wonderful news that her pet Gioia was still alive.

This cat survived the earthquake in Italy for five days under the wreckage.

The firefighters used bulldozers to clear the wreckage, and after a while, they noticed Gioia wandering around amid it.

It’s a marvel that this small cat survived the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale and caused widespread devastation, with around 300 people killed and a large number injured.

More than 200 animals have been rescued from the remains of fallen buildings, according to Italy’s ENPA (national organization for animal control) center.

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