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Couple Uses Their Wedding Money To Save Their Beloved Kitten

Michelle and Mike Blakeley live in the North Wales town of Rhyl, in the county of Denbighshire. They chose to put their wedding money toward preserving the life of their cat, Matisse, who had been in a catastrophic car accident in the middle of the road.

They were engaged and intended to marry in a year or two, but they had no trouble parting with their money because they both understand that Matisse’s life is vital right now because he is a family member.

The wedding might wait a bit longer for them.


The cost of Matisse’s therapy was £1,000, with further fees possible. Matisse, who is just seven months old, will have his leg amputated and will require surgery to connect his pelvis to his spine.


Rebecca, the couple’s daughter, was the one who discovered Matisse in such bad shape following the accident.

Michelle explained:

“He’d pulled himself off the highway and was now standing at the front door. He was drenched and in bad shape because it was pouring. As an emergency, we brought him to the veterinarian. They administered intravenous treatment as well as a heavy dose of painkillers. I cried all night because I couldn’t sleep.”


Michelle went on:

“Now we have nothing; we’ve exhausted our resources.” We don’t worry about it until we’re out of money because, at the end of the day, I’m saving his life and he’s a family member.”


Following her accident, Michelle shared Matisse’s tale with her Facebook friends.

“He is extremely loved, and we hope he will regain what he has lost.” We now have nothing, have exhausted all of our resources, and are seeking assistance from our family. I realize it’s a substantial sum.”


Michelle remarked when asked whether she mind putting her wedding preparations on hold:

“At the end of the day, I don’t care as long as Matisse is happy, alive, and fulfilled.”


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