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Dog And Cat Inseparable Friends Found A New Home Together

After their master died, four cats and one dog were sent to DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia. Three were adopted, and inseparable buddies one of the cats and the dog found a lifelong home together.

The animals were flea-infested and in terrible health in general. The animals were brought to a dedicated cat area when they arrived at the shelter.

Because the staff believed he required a bit more attention, Flearoy the dog was kept away from them inside the shelter’s warden’s office.

Brandi Crabtree, the shelter’s foster coordinator, took Flearoy out to play a few days later, and they went into the cat room, where Flearoy was immediately ecstatic.

Flearoy followed Bradi inside the bedroom and raced over to the cage where Brandi, Kerry, and Tracy, three of his cat siblings, sat.

He seems delighted to see them again.

“They both instantly lighted up,” Karen Hirsch of the LifeLine Animal Project, which runs Delkalb County Animal Serves, said. “Andie started kissing Flearoy and Flearoy was wagging his tail so vigorously his whole butt moved.”

Best of all, the two were recently adopted together and have a new family.

Ali Carter adopted Flearoy and Andie, who already had a dog brother waiting for them.

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