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Lost Dog Heard His Family On TV And That’s Why He Was Able To Return Home

A wandering dog recognized his family on television and was able to find his way home. While it’s true that dogs aren’t very interested in current events, this dog’s love of watching television kept him returning home.

Tabitha is a dog who vanished in Missouri, United States, in early September 2015. She went for a stroll with her Alzheimer’s-affected human, Alfred Schaefer, near her Kansas City home.

Alfred’s wife, Kelly Schaefer, looked for them but only discovered Alfred; Tabitha was nowhere to be seen.

They looked everywhere for their 5-year-old dog, placing posters throughout the area in the hopes of finding any leads as to where she could have gone.

The Schaefers had no idea that Tabitha was safe and well at the time, having been rescued by a family who wanted to discover the dog’s rightful family.

But if it hadn’t been for a piece on FOX4 a few days later, where Kelly and her husband searched relentlessly for Tabitha, their paths would never have met.

Kelly stated, “We were quite concerned.” “It’s wonderful to have her back.”

Tabitha, it turns out, enjoys television and has a keen interest in that “appliance,” which probably contributed to her being allowed to return home.

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