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They Rescued A 2-Month-Old Cat That Had Been Buried Under Rubble For Five Days In Almería

They attempted to bury two litters of kittens beneath tons of soil, sand, and stones in Almera, Spain; they were able to rescue six that day, but three were buried. They eventually recovered a 2-month-old kitten that had lasted 5 days under the wreckage without food or water.

They were two sisters, aged 6 and 12, who were almost oblivious to his meows. A backhoe entered the lot where several kittens were trapped in a cave; they were able to rescue six of the kittens, but three remained missing.

One mother pleaded with the workmen not to move the ground, pointing to the cave where the kittens were still imprisoned. The men assured her that nothing would happen and that she should go immediately.

They had already covered everything and buried the kittens when she returned, the woman claims, and they were hunting for them but assumed they had dead. After 5 days, several females heard a kitten’s meows and attempted to lift the stones and sand, but it was clearly impossible.

Several individuals worked for three hours to clear the rubble until they found it. Under all the wreckage, a guy managed to get her out alive.

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