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Blind Cat Brings Her Three Kittens To A Family After Searching For A Comfortable Home All Her Life

A feline family in need of care was approached by the Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) in Corpus Christi, Texas. The mother cat was sighted wandering around the home of an old couple, and when her son came to visit, they noticed that she had some eye difficulties.

The son of the elders followed the friendly tabby kitty into her den. She found out she was the mother of three kittens, which she had been carefully caring for despite her health problems.

“He sought assistance from our rescue center.” The cat was supposed to have acute eye infections that had shut her eyes at the time.


The feline family was transported to a suitable foster home as soon as the rescue center discovered one available. Two of the kittens had respiratory ailments, and their mother, Clue, was grateful for her attention and ate all of the food her caretakers provided.

With her tummy full, the kitty focused on caring for and nursing her kittens, who were named Candyland, Monopoly, and Chutes and Ladders.


Clue’s eyesight was being repaired when they noticed she had no normal eye tissue and was entirely blind.

Mary explains:

“Our veterinarian believes he was born with congenital microphthalmia, as he was born with very small or nonexistent eyes.” Enucleation will be required to avoid recurring infections. She is completely unaffected by her blindness. Clue guarded her children fiercely.”

The kittens immediately healed and were lot better from their health concerns thanks to the volunteers at the shelter. Their eyes quickly cleared, and they began snooping around their new home.

Clue was usually on high alert whenever the tiny ones were taken away for a routine examination.

The kittens began to venture out and investigate every place when they were three weeks old, which did not make Clue pleased because they regularly strayed from the protected area she had set.

Mary recalls:

“He would take them back to ‘their place’ over and over until he recognized he was losing the battle and that his infants were ready to explore,” says the author.


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