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Cat Accepts A Little Kitten As His Own And Does Not Tire Of Giving Her Attention

Shelby Thorpe, the founder of Shelby’s Kitten SafeHouse rescue organization in Oregon, received a call in March this year about a litter of kittens discovered by a TNR rescuer. Unfortunately, the kittens’ mother was unable to care for them, and only one survived.

Because the small kitten was shivering and the atmosphere was unsuitable for her, it was decided to transport her to Shelby, where she would be bottle-fed and cared for in a safe environment. One of the rescuer’s regular cats came over to inspect the new kitten shortly after she took it home.

“When I went to grab something, I neglected to lock the kitchen door.” When I returned, I discovered Ice.


Cleo was the kitten’s name, and she had fleas and various eye problems. Shelby washed her with love and care, healed her eyes, and began feeding her lovely bottles throughout the day.


Things began to look brighter for the kitten now that she had a cozy nest and a cuddly toy to keep her company.

Shelby stated, ”

“When he started feeding properly from the bottle, I knew he’d be alright.”

She got more interested as she gained weight, sniffing all around the house for the odors she picked up from the resident cats.

The rescuer reminisces:

“Polar was instantly intrigued by the new kitten in the cage and spent the first two weeks of her confinement doing as much study as she was permitted.”


Cleo began to move about and became more interested after a few days. She was growing into a lively little girl who was looking forward to spending time with her feline pals. Cleo was presented to Ice Bear, who had been waiting for a formal introduction, as soon as she was medically fit.

The guardian cat immediately grabbed the small kitten under his care and began washing her face and ears.


Shelby continued, ”

“Polar takes her mothering responsibilities extremely seriously. Because it fits beneath her long legs, he now likes softly pouncing in her direction and walking right over her as she walks. He also bathes her and holds her in his arms with her front paws so she doesn’t get away.”


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