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Dog Takes Dad To An Abandoned Kitten On The Street And Insists On Taking Her Home

Zach Hearn felt his family was complete, but he didn’t expect his dogs, Tang and Cream, to have different ideas. The dogs heard a little animal calling for aid while walking around his neighborhood earlier this month.

The meows continued unabated, and although being heard from afar, the two dogs raced to the rescue and began searching for the source of the noise.

Zach explained to The Dodo:

“Tang and Cream came to a halt, looking perplexed. They both raced to investigate after hearing a meow from a distance.”


Zach had no idea what was making the noise, but his dogs found a little kitten, perhaps 4 weeks old, lying in the middle of the roadway. She required assistance since she was filthy, hungry, and had no feline mother in sight.


The owner was concerned that his dogs might chase the kitten at the moment, but they understood just what to do. They both started comforting the little girl and assuring her that everything would be alright, which astonished Zach.

He said this:

“Tang began whimpering and knelt by her. Cream began to lick it and clean it.”


Zach realized he couldn’t leave the kitten there, so he chose to take her home on the advice of one of his dogs.

He and his girlfriend made him a nice spot to relax at home before giving him a wash and some food. The kitten had clearly been walking the streets alone for a long time, but she would soon regain her strength and begin to thrive.


Zach continued, ”

“We came up with the name (Tou Jiang), which means jackpot.” She didn’t have much energy at first and slept a lot. She brightened up after being fed on a regular basis and having a warm place to sleep ยป.

The dogs have loved Tou Jiang since they met her on the streets and have taken on the role of parents. They never leave her side and are always ready to provide anything she requires, whether it’s consolation, caresses, or a tongue wash.


Although each dog has its unique parenting approach for raising the kitten, they both achieve the same aim and provide excellent care for her.

Tang is calm and peaceful on the one hand, even when the cat jumps onto his back and plays with her tail, and he remains in bed supervising. Cream, on the other hand, is unique in that she acts more like a mother, constantly wanting to be by her side to protect her.


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