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Famous Cat From Ukraine Raises $10,000 For War-Affected Animals

Stepan is an Internet sensation who escaped from the Ukraine with his family and is now safe in France. They’ve raised nearly £7,000 to help other animals who have been displaced by conflict.

The 13-year-old tabby cat got famous a few years ago when a humorous video of him sitting next to a glass of red wine went viral, generating memes all over the world.

Since then, Stepan has gotten a lot of attention from people all around the world, and his video, along with many other movies and photographs of the adorable kitty, has been shared in dozens of various forms.


Stepan and his adoptive mother, Anna, had a dreadful experience last month when Russian shelling fell extremely close to their home in Kharkiv as a result of the present crisis in Ukraine with the commencement of war.

Anna posted on her Instagram page:

“Every day, shells hit the houses next door, and the houses burn in front of our eyes. Our house was secure for precisely one week by some miracle.”


Unfortunately, Anna and Stepan’s residence was shelled, and they were forced to spend two nights in a basement. They then proceeded by rail for 20 hours to Lviv, Ukraine, where they were eventually allowed to cross the border into Poland.

However, their adventure did not finish there; they had to line for nine hours with almost 4,000 people to enter the neighboring nation.


The World Association of Influencers and Bloggers, an association for online content producers, has volunteered to move Anna and Stepan to France and give them a secure place to stay until they can return home, according to Metro UK.

The pair earned $10,035, which they contributed to Ukrainian charity Happy Paw, UAnimals, Mykolaiv Zoo, XII Months, and Plyushka, who were the recipients of these aids for animals impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.


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