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This Blind Cat From Greece Found Love From A Family In London

The common term “love is blind” is often heard, and Dmitri, a blind cat from Greece, is live proof that the adage is entirely true, as he was able to find a family that completely fell in love with him despite his difficulties.

Dmitri used to be a homeless cat prowling the streets of Greece, searching for food and shelter to live. Something horrible occurred to his eyes, for one became infected, then the other, rendering him blind.

Dmitri was transferred to a veterinary facility, where surgeons had no choice but to perform surgery to remove both of his eyes.


Due to his condition, the kitten was taken in by a charity in London, England, where he received all of the attention and care he required.

Emma, a woman hoping to adopt a rescued cat from the streets, arrived to the charity while he was there.


When the woman contacted the charity, local staff advised she adopt a blind cat. In general, these cats are abandoned more frequently, and finding them a forever home is considerably more difficult.

That was exactly what Emma desired, to aid an animal in desperate need, therefore that was the ideal option.


Emma was told that the shelter had a blind kitten that they had rescued from the streets and brought from Greece. They also informed him that when they discovered him, he had a severe eye infection, necessitating the removal of both of his eyes.

Finally, the woman met Dmitri and was enchanted by his charming presence and demeanor; since then, their lives have altered dramatically.


Emma explained to Bored Panda:

“As soon as I met him, I fell in love with him.” From the start, he was extremely sweet and loving, and I thought he was stunning. He hugged my foot as soon as I went into the room, and I knew he wanted to adopt it.”

Dmitri now lives with his family in Emma’s house and, despite his inability to see, has a normal existence. Dmitri learnt to navigate using his other senses; the only difference is that he is not allowed to go out alone, however he is allowed to explore the enclosed gardens.

Emma continued, ”

“It’s virtually the same as looking after a sighted cat. He can use his other senses to orient himself, so I don’t have to make any adaptations to suit his blindness.”

His keen senses of smell and hearing enable him to navigate the many locations he visits, yet he also relies on his legs to keep track of his whereabouts.


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