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Woman Reunites With Her Cat Missing For Eight Months After Acknowledging His Meowing Over The Phone

Rachael Lawrence and her family were distraught when their two-year-old cat Barnaby died, and despite the passage of time, the mother and her children never forgot about their beloved animal. Surprisingly, the woman realized she had discovered her pet one day when she heard her meowing in the background of a phone conversation.

Rachael had phoned the veterinary facility where her second 11-month-old cat, Torvi, was being treated, and she was scheduled for surgery. The woman questioned the staff whether it was Torvi she heard meowing at the end of the line, but was told it was a stray cat that had arrived a week before.


After being assured that the cat was black, the woman continued to query about specific marks on Barnaby’s hair, such as a white patch on one of his hind legs, to which they answered that the cat had such signs as well.

Rachael knew it was her cat who had vanished 8 months ago as soon as she entered the clinic and saw the cat being put into one of the rooms.

Rachael explained to Metro UK:

“I wept. Snot bubble cries are what I’m referring to. I was yelling. We hadn’t seen him in almost a year.”


Barnaby was given the moniker Fatman by his family at first, but when he returned, he was covered in scabs and extremely emaciated and bald due to his adventure on the streets.

But now that the adorable feline is back with his humans, they can’t wait to feed him and assist him in getting back on his feet.


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