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Kittens Find Their Happiness Together After Leaving Life As Feral Cats

After spending their first days of existence as wild cats, four gorgeous young kittens make their path to ultimate happiness together owing to the support of numerous individuals.

A family in Ontario, Canada, discovered a litter of four kittens hidden in their shed earlier this year. The cats were skittish, looked feral, and were around 7 weeks old, so the family decided to seek aid from Salty Animal Rescue.

Katelyn and Karly Saltarski, co-founders of the shelter, decided to take action and aid the litter of young kittens in need.


So they scooped up the kittens, brought them to the veterinarian, and then found them a suitable foster home.

As the kittens became accustomed to their new surroundings, shelter volunteers began their hunt for their mother cat. They ultimately discovered her mother cat, captured her, and decided to reunite her with her litter in a home atmosphere after a few days.


The two black kittens, Akela and Sassy Loo, drew everyone’s attention with their particular friendship and attitude.

They were quite dependant, sometimes snuggling up together or cowering in their guardians’ laps, until their two brindle brothers showed their real colors.


“For the first six weeks of their existence, they had no human interaction. Akela and Sassy Loo were shy at first, but with each passing day, their confidence grew.

Although Sassy Loo has a more explosive nature, Akela is known for being calmer and for calming down her sister.

The volunteers recognized that the kittens required more socialization, but hoped that a caring family would take a chance on them.


Candice was hunting for a feline companion for her one-year-old cat when she came across the two sisters.

Candice explained:

“When I realized they hadn’t been adopted, I filled out an application form without hesitation.”

The kittens, now named Zoey and Zara, are still very close, and Zara has been in charge of defending her sister since they arrived at their new home.


Zoey was apprehensive about her new family and surroundings, but she was gradually acclimating with the support of her sister.

Candice continued,

“They were usually near each other.” Zara would babble if she went too far away from Zoey.

They quickly became a formidable trio, and he became her elder brother, after meeting Candice’s pet cat, Zeke.


The kittens have remained together to this day, sleeping, playing, eating, and even getting into mischief together. They are always there for one other; their lovely friendship has only gotten stronger through time and will continue to do so in the future.

Both kittens, who were originally feral, are now quite sociable thanks to the guidance of their elder brother Zeke.


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