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Shelter Worker Sees Kitten With Unique Face And Knows She Needs To Take Her Home

Onyx, a sweet cat with a distinctive face, was discovered with her family and taken to the Butler County Humane Society for medical attention. There, the kittens would receive all of the necessary care to succeed. The rescue center’s volunteers knew the kittens would be adopted fast, but they had a hunch things would be different for their mother.

The black kitten was born with a cleft palate, and shelter workers took her to the veterinarian, who ruled that she didn’t need surgery. A piece of food gets trapped in her mouth and she sneezes till she recovers; otherwise, her cleft palate has no effect on her life; it only makes her seem different.


Cindy explained to The Dodo:

“The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her right away. I have two special needs children, and anybody with special needs has a special place in my heart. Her charming face has something really lovely about it ยป.


Cindy was certain that Onyx belonged in her family. New shelter staff, however, must wait 90 days before they may adopt. While everything was provided for them, the lady visited Onyx every day, growing more in love with the kitty with each visit, and wishing to be able to take her home.


People didn’t appear interested in adopting the kitten as the days passed, and no one could see how wonderful she was, but Cindy saw it as a sign that she was the one to take her home.

The lady explains:

“I showed cats to a lot of individuals who wanted to adopt them, and not one of them wanted her.” She was devastating, but I was also relieved to know that my time will come and I’d be able to bring her home.”


The woman’s joy rose as the 90 days approached, and she planned to take her children to meet the kitty. Fortunately, they fell in love with her just as much as her mother did.

Cindy remembers:

“After my Down syndrome daughter saw Onyx, she returned home and informed her father that Onyx deserved to be a part of our family since she had special needs as well.” She just adored her, understanding that she required a loving family who accepted her for who she was.”


The time had finally arrived, and the wait was over. Cindy and her family were eager to welcome Onyx into their fold. The lovely kitten now has a family who adores her for who she is.

The kitten was hesitant in the shelter, but after she got to her new home, her personality grew, and she is now the most energetic and fun-loving cat of them all.


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