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Tiny Three-Legged Kitten Recovers And Perseveres After Bing Found

A kind-hearted individual in Southern California discovered a litter of three kittens close to a garbage. The kitties were quite little and required particular care and attention.

The kittens were about a week old at the time, and one of them was missing one of its legs. The individual who discovered them rushed them to an emergency clinic so that the children might receive proper medical attention.

The three kittens were tiny and would require round-the-clock care. As a result, the veterinary team decided to seek assistance from local rescue organizations.

“That’s how we learned about your plea for assistance.”


Petal, the calico cat, was missing part of one of her paws. The cat developed a major wound infection that was potentially fatal if not treated soon. An infection at the umbilical cord location affected one of her brothers as well.

Amanda explains:

“We brought them right away to our cat vet, who decided to operate on Petal’s leg right then and there.”


While the procedure was being conducted, Amanda waited outside in her car for news. She eventually received a call from the vet, who told her that Petal was recovering well after the treatment.

The lady continues:

“Petal was just five ounces and a week old. For the procedure and anesthesia, two pounds and two months is the ideal age and weight. Our vet didn’t make this decision carelessly; she understood it may be the difference between life and death for her.”


The small calico cat demonstrated incredible power by standing up on her three legs and immediately demanding attention from people around her. Her wound had entirely healed in a few days, and she was ready to leave her nest and play like a little wicked girl.

Amanda remembers:

“I walked in and was able to provide him with a bottle.” I knew she was going to be alright at that point since the worst was behind her.


Petal is naturally more fragile than her brothers, but that doesn’t stop her from accomplishing her goals. She insists on doing whatever her brothers do, and she continues to build her muscles and improve her balance in order to continue running and exploring the world.

When the kitten gets older, she will have a second limb operation to provide a better quality of life for her. She is a courageous and daring young lady who appears to have no boundaries.


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