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Woman Helps A Stray Kitten And Returned To Look For Her Cat Brother

Donna was feeding the homeless cats in her neighborhood when she discovered a kitten curled up on a window sill. Donna is committed to rescuing animals in need and caring for feral cats in a specific colony in Ohio.

The poor kitten was shaking with anxiety, but she was also scared at times, and she would freeze on the window, waiting for aid.

“It was found abandoned in the feral cat colony I look after.”


The woman did not have a carrier at the moment, so she returned to her car and emptied a jar of cat food. As a result, the woman approached the cat and easily took her from the window; as soon as she touched her, the kitten purred happily.


Although the cat was apprehensive, she turned on her purr motor to express her gratitude after learning she would be secure.

Donna hastily loaded her into the homemade carrier and drove Nene to her veterinarian office for a checkup.


According to multiple neighbors in the region, Nene was constantly accompanied by another kitten of the same age, who turned out to be her brother following further investigation.

Donna felt her brother needed to be rescued as soon as possible since the house where Nene was residing was abandoned and in poor condition. The lady returned for the surviving kitten; after searching for him, she was able to locate him, catch him, and deliver him to her sister.


Donna remarked:

“We observed a stirring scene when I brought them together.” They share a really sincere and beautiful affection for one other.

Both kittens were flea-infested, malnourished, and in in need of medical help, but with loads of love, they might swiftly recover.

The two kittens were as good as new after getting healthy food, a veterinarian check-up, and an antiparasitic and flea treatment.


Nico, a little kitten with a lot of fluff and a lot less weight than Nene, took on the role of big brother and looked after his sister. Nico found out how to do the things a regular cat does, like use the litter box, and Nene just followed in his footsteps.

The siblings rapidly outgrew their time in the pen and relocated to a location with far more space to run and play.


Dona continued:

“With extra space and toys, they had a lot of fun.” They fight amongst themselves, yet as soon as you touch them, they begin purring. They are sheer happiness.”

Nene and Nico soon met another foster cat named Willow, whom they adopted as their own sister and with whom they formed a wonderful attachment. But nothing compares to Nene and Nico’s lovely friendship; they love to hug and purr together, and they do everything together.


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