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Man Gives A Kitten A Home And Now Wakes Up With His Hugs Every Day

Keith Reszoly appeared to be ready to open his heart and welcome a new feline addition to his family after a lengthy period without one. From the minute he met his new furry buddy, his life altered entirely.

Keith’s mother was at the vet one day when she heard of a litter of rescue kittens in desperate need of forever homes; the woman instantly thought of her son and notified him.

Gladys, a kitten, drew the family’s attention and they took her home to make her a member of their family.

“She approached everyone the first day I met her, climbed on their knees, sniffed them, and wanted to be cuddled.”


The cute ball of fur instantly made friends with his new father and began following him around the home. That night, the kitty, now known as Gracie, snuggled up in Keith’s arms and slept off.

Keith explains:

“I liked being cradled in my arms like a baby. She slept on her back between my arm and chest for the first several nights. Since the day Gracie came, she hasn’t stopped.”


Lovely Gracie insists on cuddling close to her adoring adoptive father, Keith, and goes into his arms as soon as he wakes up. She eventually discovered that he gets up when her alarm clock goes off, and this became her cue to leap up to the bed and give him plenty of embraces.

Gracie’s father continues:

“She leaps up and sleeps on my chest when she hears my alarm (or that I move around a much). If I don’t move, he normally sleeps there for an hour or two.”


When Gracie wants hugs, her devoted father is overjoyed. To keep her happy, he resolved to adjust her schedule to ensure he had enough time for her best buddy and hugs every morning.

Keith guarantees:

“Every day, I set my alarm for 30 minutes earlier to offer her extra pleasant time.”


Gracie’s favorite activity has become staying in bed. The kitten enjoys approaching her father and cuddling up to her on her neck or chest. When she sees him sitting in front of her computer, she prefers to sit on her lap.

He went on to say:

“I’d carry Gracie in my left arm while my right arm was on my mouse for around two hours a day at my desk.”


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