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Cat Finds A Kitten At Home And Is Determined To Win Her Over And Raise Her

Titak, a lovely tabby cat, is an active feline that is constantly seeking attention from her family and dislikes being alone. Simin Zargaran and her husband chose to get a second cat for her household as a result of her need for constant companionship.

At that very moment, a fluffy kitten named Bolur, along with her siblings, was discovered abandoned by her mother. Her mother abandoned them at the age of four weeks, and when the cat returned with her kittens, she was in bad health and unable to care for them.


When Titak, the local cat, heard the kitten’s faint scream, he raced over to her. He carefully met her and watched her; next to her, the small fluffy kitty seemed uninterested in the meeting.

Bolur became protective and attempted to frighten Titak with an aggressive response, but the tabby cat didn’t appear intimidated; she was captivated by the new feline and simply wanted to meet her.


Titak stood back and watched as the cat snatched up every inch of her new home. Every attempt to get near to the young kitten failed, so Bolur adopted her fierce demeanor and attempted to scare her new sibling by standing on her hind legs.

Of course, Titak was a patient girl who knew that nothing would stop her from attempting to earn the small ball of fur’s devotion. Bolur grew accustomed to her friend’s presence, and one day she approached Titak’s bed, kneading the blanket in quest of affection.


“We were taken aback when Titak approached her and began licking her. That was a beautiful moment. They began to play with each other after that, and Bolur even let Titak groom her.”

Titak adopted the position of big sister very immediately, and was in charge of following and caring for the kitty throughout the home. She made every effort to keep the naughty and inquisitive cat out of mischief.

Bolur’s elder sister is incredibly nice, allowing Bolur to take over all of her toys, blankets, and mattresses with little complaint. Titak is always on the lookout for the small kitten so he can look after her.


Bolur has grown into a very active and energetic kitten, and now that she is a little bigger and stronger, she likes wrestling and biting Titak’s tail.

Simin guarantees:

“Titak is a big fan of hers. Bolur is always around, whether he is eating, sleeping, or playing, attempting to keep the kitten safe. They spend a lot of time playing during the day. Bolur enjoys chasing after her big sister and then hiding until Titak locates her.”


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