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This Sweet Cat Helps Take Care Of The Kittens His Family Brings Home

Holly Brookhouser and her family encountered Rigby, a tabby cat, at an animal shelter in Oklahoma around six years ago. They were seeking for the perfect companion for their cat Canon at the time, but they never imagined Rigby would be so helpful to the other cats.

“I started fostering kittens a year after we acquired him and found I had a great urge to assist care for them.”

The adorable kitty didn’t take long to prove that he wanted to make friends with all of the homeless felines who passed through his door.


Rigby would go to the foster kittens’ house and find them snuggled up in a huge pool of hugs; he would spend the entire day with them.


Many of the foster cats arrived without a mother, but Rigby soon took in as a surrogate father and lavished affection on them.

She spent significantly more time with the orphaned kittens, putting her arms around them while they napped, despite the fact that she usually spends equal time with everyone.


Holly had this to say:

“He sits motionless as I put bottles on his body and feed him when the infants don’t have a mother.” They have the sensation of nursing. He also assists them in urinating on occasion.”


The lovely child seemed to know precisely what each of the kitties who visit the house requires simply by looking at them. When Holly takes a cat home with her children, things appear to shift a little, but she always achieves the same aim.


Rigby manages to find the appropriate balance between bonding with the feline mother and giving her the space she requires to feel at ease. He is eager to play with and teach the kittens feline tricks as they get older, but he is equally enthralled with the babies’ mothers.

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