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4 Identical Rescue Kittens Refuse To Part After Hard Times Together

Four stray kittens’ lives were about to change until a Good Samaritan made the decision to intervene and provide them with much-needed assistance. When the kittens were saved and taken to Salem Friends of Felines, an animal rescue facility in Salem, Oregon, they were only a few days old.

Drummer boy, Cupid, Tinsel, and Dancer were the names given to the litter of male kittens. Her caretaker slowly began to recognize certain characteristics, and eventually she was able to identify them. The four kittens had qualities so identical that it appeared as though they were quadruplets. Regarding this, Kayla’s foster mother said:

“I’ve already observed a couple changes so far: Drummer’s tail doesn’t come to a point and instead stops at a square, and Tinsel is the lighter one with the skinnier face.”

The kittens had no hesitation in exploring every nook and cranny of their new temporary home. They appeared to be a group of four friends who were willing to take risks with their frail bodies to explore the new world they were presenting.

They cuddled up together and purred in tandem in perfect harmony at the end of the day.

They left traces of their strong kinship from the moment they were rescued, and it was undoubtedly enhanced over time.

His foster mother saw right away that the kittens did practically everything together and that the one who accomplished anything set an example for the others to follow. They grew to be so symbiotic that they even slept together.

These four kittens also exhibited a lot of love for their foster mother, running to her as soon as she enters the room and pleading with her to spoil them.

As soon as Kayla sits down, she moves to each position one at a time until she finds the ideal one to curl up in and take advantage of all the attention her mother provides her.

One of the kittens just has to sit on Kayla’s lap for the others to join in. Regarding this, Kayla said:

“Tinsel is a time-waster. He becomes envious if you don’t pay him your complete attention. He’s very cute! He enjoys relaxing in my jacket.

Drummer likes to rest his shoulders on mine. When he is there, he is at peace. Dancer and Cupid are inseparable.

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