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Homeless Man Refuses To Eat So He Can Feed Abandoned Kittens

Due to his immense generosity and what he can do for the welfare of his closest friends, Loong Dum, a guy who lives on the streets of Thailand, has become quite well known on social media.

Even though Dum does not own a house, his fragile situation does not stop him from supporting the stray cats with whom he shares what little he has. As a result, although it may seem odd, this man spends some of the money he makes honestly on providing for his beloved kittens.

Thanks to the widespread exposure that Dum’s selfless efforts received on social media, he has inspired some individuals and his tale has touched thousands of people.

Warunta Wattanasupachoke, a Thai man who was interested in this topic, is where Dum’s narrative begins. She became aware that she was passing out at the railway station and wished to approach him to find out more about his life.

Due to his great poverty, Dum has spent years living on the streets of Thailand. He typically spends the night outside the railway station with a large collection of cats, and he makes a meager income by selling limes.

Warunta was most taken aback by Dum’s altruistic devotion for animals when he first spoke with him. This man makes a meager living selling limes on the streets of his city, but he makes the most of the little money he makes by investing it in himself and his cats.

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