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Kitten Smiles At Each Human Who Visits The Shelter Hoping Someone Will Notice Her

A kitten is winning the hearts of people all over the world after she smiled at each visitor to the shelter where she was staying in an attempt to draw attention.

Dutch kitten Nala is completely unaware of how gorgeous she can be by simply being. with a grin!


She was discovered pregnant on the streets, so her history was a little depressing. After being taken to a veterinary facility, where someone had attempted to assist her, they had to do an emergency cesarean section. Only one of her two puppies lived.

The mother and kitten were determined to be taken in by volunteers from the animal rescue organization Dierenbescherming. Fortunately, the tiny ball of fur flourished so swiftly that a place to keep it wasn’t difficult to locate. But the mother required additional care.


They quickly came to the conclusion that Nala was not just ordinary kitty. A perpetual smile would break out on her face as soon as someone started to approach her.


They later realized that his cleft lip and skin problem were the real cause of it.


He feels considerably better after eating hypoallergenic cuisine. You could always require this particular meal, said shelter volunteer Ineke Kamps.

It was heartwarming to observe how Nala would become ecstatic and begin meowing to be recognized whenever a guest entered the room.


He didn’t think twice to stand on his two tiny legs through the glass while maintaining a focused stare and that endearing, heart-melting smile. If she was successful in her mission, he would eventually surrender and purr endlessly.

“She would be most suited in a household with a (enclosed) garden, humans who spend a lot of time at home, and people who don’t have any issues with their specific food. She may live with other cats, but she will require individual care and food “explained Ineke.


Ineke was genuinely taken aback by how content Nala could be with a person. Her love, however, is unconditional, unlike ours. With both humans and animals, she will be incredibly amiable, gentle, and lively. Every morning when Ineke arrived at the shelter, she was greeted warmly by her adorable little love bug.

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