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Kittens Are Saved From The Yard By A Woman And Her Dog Asked Her To Let Her Take Care Of Them

Despite having distinct personalities, a dog is proven to be the finest caretaker for each of the felines who arrive home, illustrating that the myth that kittens and dogs do not get along is absolutely false. With it, she also tosses any foolish theories to the ground.

Kona is a Labrador retriever with the endearing name of Kona who has always been known for having a strong mother instinct.

The rescued kittens who arrive in The Crazy Cat Family are temporarily raised by Kona human Asa. The lovely dog is fully aware that volunteers are required to provide the same TLC (time, love, and care) to rescued animals because this New York-based charity is an expert in this area.

The cats’ siblings had been discovered in a Queens home’s backyard. Asa appointed her the girl’s temporary mother because the poor things were in such bad shape, but her dog also signed up with her.

Kona was intrigued by those meowing small balls that were 3–4 weeks old when the kittens were saved.

Kona was trusted by the cats with the names Peanut, Cashew, Pistachio, and Hazelnut since in a sense she was one of their caregivers.

The dog walks up to each child and gives them a few licks; she is a very adoring but also protective animal.

For Kona, who bonds with every kitten that comes home, getting visits of this kind is nothing out of the ordinary. They had never before been such tiny cats, and this seemed to have reawakened her mother instinct.

In fact, Peanut slid onto Kona’s chest the first day in an apparent attempt to breastfeed. For obvious reasons, the endeavor was unsuccessful, but Asa was so touched by the incident that she realized it was far more special than she had realized.

These kittens are already displaying their personalities, despite the fact that they were scared and little when they first got home. Although all of them are genuine explorers and quite lively, Peanut is the most animated.

Despite being the youngest, his loud meows get his attention. The dog doesn’t mind that Peanut is always demanding of pampering and grooming.

Although the role is not always simple, Kona appreciates feeling like the mother and guardian of the kittens.

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