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Rescued Puppy Is Totally Convinced That He Is One More Cat In The Family

It’s conceivable that you’ve heard the statement “a puppy and cat relationship is not usually so beneficial” more than once. Not all dogs and cats, though, are as unlike as they might first appear.

Some people behave in ways that are so contrary from their opposites that we find it difficult to understand them and accept them for who they truly are. Mako, a cute puppy that is so unique that he behaves like a cat, is a prime illustration of this.

IG: mako_thecatdog

When Bethany Castiller and her family in South Carolina chose to adopt a puppy from the neighborhood rescue, Mako arrived at their house.

IG: mako_thecatdog

The furry child made it apparent from the time they first saw him that he wanted to accompany them home. Regarding this, Castiller says:

We made a joke about how he picked us, not us him. He had his back against the cage when we arrived at the shelter, so we started petting him. When he peered over his shoulder and directly into our eyes, we fell in love with the little man.

IG: mako_thecatdog

The family was searching for a puppy that would get along with Pecan and Gizmo, their domestic cats. Because Mako got along so well with the cats, the shelter workers gave them the assurance that she was the one.

They made the decision to acquire Mako without any additional hesitation and soon discovered that he behaved more like a cat than a typical dog.

IG: mako_thecatdog

As odd as it may appear, this small dog is not acting like a typical puppy at all.

The family recalls that while it initially struck them as a little unusual to see it on the countertops, they eventually came to terms with it and realized that they had essentially acquired another kitten rather than a dog. Castiller declares

He enjoys lying on the tables next to my kitties as they watch the birds from the window. He comes over and does the same when he sees one of my cats lying on his back for a belly rub.

IG: mako_thecatdog

Mako appears to have been waiting for the perfect home all along. He now has several cat brothers with whom he may enjoy playing outside whenever it’s possible, in addition to the unwavering affection of people who care about his well-being.

IG: mako_thecatdog

These three fuzzy individuals appear to be extremely different at first appearance, but they like spending time together and being close.

They enjoy being on top of a table or cabinet the most out of all the things they do. Anything that makes the family laugh out loud every time they see them on top of something, which makes them extremely happy.

“Mako always climbs up to join his brothers at countertops or cabinets when he sees them there. She only desires to always be in cat-related environments. She is in the room with the cats, not one of the humans.

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