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A Young Woman And Her Dog Are Followed By 10 Terrified Kittens Who Are Trying To Escape

Ten kittens immediately followed a young woman and her dog when they were seen. The outcome was much better than they could have ever dreamed, and it was their only opportunity to be spared.

Bree Taylor has always had a deep affinity for outdoors and animals. She goes out every day with her pet dog, Koda, so they may take turns walking her for a few minutes. Bree came upon something one day that devastated her. Ten newborn kittens had been dumped in the middle of a road.

Bree Taylor

The cats came up to Bree with great interest, but her first impression was that these were wild cats that may nip her dog.

Fortunately, the kittens understood how to interact with people and everything suggested that they were simply requesting a little care and attention, despite the fact that they appeared to be utterly abandoned to their fate.

“I believed the cat mother would suddenly appear and attack my kitten. On the ground next to them, I sat. They kept purring nonstop. They were really hungry.

Bree Taylor

Bree made the decision to wait before confirming that the kittens were abandoned by their mother. It was evident that they required assistance to survive because they didn’t act like wild cats either.

They showed Koda a lot of affection and enjoyed Bree’s pampering. Though there were so many of them that she couldn’t lift them up, the young woman knew she had to do something to assist them.

“I didn’t know how to raise them all at once, but I was frightened a car might hit them.”

Bree Taylor

After giving it considerable deliberation, he decided that he would take Koda home before going back for them to take them more easily. The kittens, however, weren’t going to let Bree leave their sight. They clicked with her right away and trusted that she would keep them secure and fetch them food.

Bree Taylor

Bree made an effort to convince them to wait for her there, but the kittens calmly followed her. They followed her new buddy more than two kilometers to her house.

The tiniest kitten in the group was unable to keep up with the others because he was too little or weak to do so. As a result, Bree grabbed him in her arms and incorporated him into the emotional and energetic march the kittens were making.

Bree Taylor

When Taylor got home, she started telling the story of the adorable kittens on the networks. Many of them assisted her in providing them with food and medication until they were transferred and found a permanent home. After a few months, there was only one kitten left to be placed up for adoption, and Bree made the decision to keep the cat with her and Koda the dog.

More than 150 thousand people have already seen the kittens’ video.

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