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Oil-Covered Homeless Kitten Shows Off His Beautiful Fur After Heartwarming Transformation

Lazlo is a little cat that has faced hardships his entire life. Until one day, a kind stranger saw his need and chose to aid him, Lazlo spent his days trying to live on the streets.

He was smeared in mud and motor oil when he was found, and he needed medical care to live.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Because of his dire situation, a groomer from One 4 One Grooming and More tried to feed and water him while they looked for assistance at a nearby shelter.

Thankfully, the Friends for Life Rescue Network answered the call and agreed to take him in. In response, Jacqueline DeAmor, a co-founder of the rescue organization, said:

We mistakenly believed she was roughly four weeks old when, in fact, she was seven weeks old and weighed just 17 ounces.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Under all that filthy, oil-covered fur was an attractive white cat with a compassionate expression that wanted to fight for his life. It only took one bath to see the dramatic transformation.

He was dehydrated and emaciated, and according to many tests done in the rescue facility, he could not hold food in his stomach. He needed to be taken to the emergency veterinarian, where they administered intravenous therapy and prescribed him a particular medicine.

Jacqueline made the decision to take on the role of his foster mother and provide for him every need.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

He was syringe fed, kept warm in a heated chamber, and covered in a special blanket that gave him a sense of security.

Despite his challenging circumstances, this adorable cat never gave up, continually meowing loudly as though he wanted to fight for his life, which he did.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

After a protracted healing period, the courageous cat finally started to emerge out of his shell, started to feed on his own, and realized that his caregivers’ arms were the ideal location for him to recuperate totally.

In his foster family, he enjoyed the attention and discovering new locations. Regarding this, Jacqueline said:

He was amusing and had stopped reclining in the water bowl from dehydration. He started putting on weight after a few days, and a week later, he came out of hiding and went back to his adopted family.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

Lazlo appeared to have fought hard, but his guardians quickly discovered that this little cat was a great fighter. Lazlo had hearing loss, yet this did not stop him from living a totally normal life.

“All the tests came back negative, so we have no idea what was wrong, but he is doing quite well right now. He is now a really vivacious youngster, Jacqueline observed.

Friends for Life Rescue Network

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