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A Girl Who Lost An Arm Adopts A Kitten Who Also Lacks A Limb

A cute cat who is missing one of her legs has been adopted by a girl who just lost one of her arms. They have developed into the best friends and have a really unique relationship that becomes stronger with time.

They saw right away that they had a similar journey of triumph and enduring friendship.


Little Scarlette Tipton’s life has not been easy at such a young age; at the age of 10 months, she was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer.

His left arm had to be amputated because of the sickness in order to save his life.


Now two years old, this lovely girl met someone who gave her the impression that they got along particularly well.

Scarlette’s parents had decided that now would be a good time to adopt a cat as a special gift for her.


An unexpected chance appeared out of nowhere; on the KTLA local news, they featured a story about a three-month-old cat that had been discovered wounded in the bushes.

She had probably been in a car accident, and as a result of her injuries, she required assistance in recovering and the chance to grow up in a loving household.


The surgeons were unable to preserve her right front leg after she was saved in really poor conditions.

The cat was given the appropriate treatment at the Riverside County Animal Protection Services, who were in charge of providing it.

They hoped that this survivor may find a home when she had recovered at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus shelter in California, United States.


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