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Sweet Three-Legged Kitten Wins The Heart Of The Vet Who Saved Her Life

A kitten that has been saved from being defenseless will always be a tiny fighter who will do anything to take advantage of a fresh start. Fortunately, there are many of angels in disguise who are constantly ready to intervene and shower affection on innocent creatures that have endured cruel treatment.

Many fuzzy creatures succeed because of these heroes and eventually win the hearts of people who valiantly battled to rescue them. One of his cats, Etienne, had a sad history but a happy present.

Veterinay Emergency Group

This adorable kitten was found caught between pieces of wood in an apartment in Manhattan, New York, United States, when he was just two weeks old. Because of his precarious health, he required emergency surgery.

He received the necessary medical attention after being swiftly taken to the Veterinay Emergency Group. Due to his condition, he needed to be monitored round-the-clock and have surgery as soon as possible to prevent infections.

Veterinay Emergency Group

Fortunately, a tiny angel decided to take him in right away and quickly entered his life. The surgeon, Dr. Camille Duvieusart BVMS, made the choice to provide him with whatever he required. Etienne had a great deal of resilience and a strong will to survive despite his precarious situation.

The kitten was initially seen at a hospital, and they were happy to recommend him to Little Wanderers NYC, who were happy to help. The group made the following remark on this:

“We were glad to assist Veterinay Emergency Group when they called us for assistance.”

Veterinay Emergency Group

His rescuers arranged surgery as quickly as they could since the danger of infection was exceedingly high given his size and early age.

“The Animal Medical Center’s doctors decided to operate on him while he was very small because they felt waiting would be too hazardous. The endeavor was successful.”

Veterinay Emergency Group

Fortunately, the courageous cat made it through the procedure and was allowed to go back home with his foster mother and a cute dog, who never left his side. Little Wanderers NYC said the following:

Etienne suffered a horrific accident at a hoarder’s home and lost part of his leg. With this wound, he was undoubtedly at least in his sixth life. He underwent a total limb amputation thanks to the great staff at Animal Medical Center, and he is recovering amazingly well.

Veterinay Emergency Group

All of the challenges were conquered by this little ball of fur. He maintained his composure and complete slumber for a few days.

Dr. Camille oversaw the entire rehabilitation process; she was completely in love with the gorgeous cat and knew it would become a lifelong member of her family as soon as she laid eyes on it.

Veterinay Emergency Group

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