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A Boy Who Was Very Sad Because His Cat Was Missing, Can’t Hold Back His Tears Of Joy At Finding His Beloved Pet

While Franky is still a young cat and is still learning many things about life, one thing is abundantly evident to him: he adores his brother Liam. Since the beginning, the cat and Liam have grown quite close and enjoy spending a lot of time together. The kitten likes to snuggle and offer Liam attention.

Liam’s mother, Rachelle Vaughn, said to The Dodo:

“My son is totally fixated with him. He adores animals, and this cute monkey in particular.


The entire family was devastated when Franky abruptly vanished due to circumstances in his life, but Liam was the most grieved.

Rachelle made every effort to locate the cat, including posting notices, visiting shelters, and scouring various Facebook groups. Unfortunately, nothing worked until, one day, five weeks after Franky had been missing, someone wrote on Facebook that she had located the kitty.


In her own words:

He was down the next block, and after seeing several pictures of him on Facebook, I contacted the person and learned that he was immediately behind us.

The fact that he had been located safe and sound made Rachelle very glad; now all that remained was for them to arrange their meeting.


It appears that one of his neighbors took care of him and kept him safe at his home until his family could pick him up. In order to offer Liam a memorable surprise, Rachelle planned and organized the whole procedure for picking up Frankie.

She informed Liam they were going to pick up an Amazon item that had been misdelivered since he still believed Franky was missing.


When they both got to the neighbor’s house, they stepped inside to wait for the “gift,” and Liam was startled to see Franky in his neighbor’s arms. Liam was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears as soon as he realized they had discovered his closest buddy.

Franky was relieved to see his friend again despite being perplexed by all that had transpired. Franky also recognized his brother.

As Rachelle said:

“My kid sobbed uncontrollably; he had no words to describe his feelings; he just sobbed with excitement.”

Franky finally moved into his house with Rachelle and Liam; everything was familiar to him and it appeared as though he had never gone.


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