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Kitten With Rare Condition Finds Cat Grandpa To Help Him Thrive

A group of volunteers from the Alley Cat Project pulled a kitten with a rare medical condition off the streets of Seattle, Washington, and subsequently sent him to the Seattle Area Feline Rescue to give him a shot at a better life. The kitten was thought to be six weeks old at the time, but his size for that age was barely half what it should have been owing to his health issues.

The kitten had flexible wrists, short, strong legs, and folded ears in addition to various health issues. The little child needed rapid medical care, but despite his precarious health, he had a lot of courage and a strong want to survive.


The kitten, whom Gabi gave the name “Teapot,” was treated for pneumonia and other digestive issues. Teapot showed symptoms of wanting to play after receiving oxygen therapy for a few days. She also started breathing much better and eating more avidly.


He gradually healed and got stronger; he tried to leap; he was a small child with a lot of strength. When it was determined that he was in better shape, he was taken with the other cats, and Scarecrow, the 18-year-old resident cat, assumed charge of Teapot.


Gaby explains:

“Scarecrow is referred to as the ‘grandfather. He handled the cat very sweetly and tenderly, carefully combing it.


After housing Teapot for six weeks, Gabi made the decision to adopt Teapot formally.

Added Gaby

“I want to give her every opportunity to succeed as a contented, healthy kitty. Grandpa and Teapot eventually become close friends and now enjoy playing and hanging out together. Their preferred activities include playing tag or snuggling on the heated blanket.


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