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Little Kitten With Big Personality Is Excited To Find The Family Of His Dreams

While visiting a neighborhood shelter, Tram Bui, co-founder of Mini Cat Town, a rescue organization with a location in San Jose, California, stumbled upon a tiny cat with a huge personality. The naughty black cat needs a home after being rescued from the streets.

As Tram approached, the cat rubbed his tiny face against the bars of his cage and continued to bounce around in an attempt to get attention. The infant was little more than skin and bones when it was around six weeks old.

“He was convincing enough that he made up his mind to come live with us in Mini Cat Town. So we carried it home after packing it.”


The kitten continued to meow loudly when they got at their new location and opened the cardboard box it was packed in. He also walked about the box looking for attention.

He gradually calmed down after Tram corrected him a little; after he stopped sobbing, he clung to her, and it seemed that this gave him a sense of security.


The kitten soon put on weight, unleashed his personality, and started running and climbing everything.

Track numbers:

“He was given the name Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol by us. The following several weeks were devoted ensuring that he put on weight while following a high-calorie diet.”


the endearing Tiny Tim would make all kinds of humorous jokes, he was extremely drawn to the Christmas tree and wanted to examine it thoroughly, so he ventured to cross high land even though he would have needed assistance to return to level ground.

Thoa recalls:

He was pleading for assistance while doing it multiple times every day.


The active and inquisitive cat rapidly made friends with the other animals living in the home and sought out Misty, the cat who appeared unsure about spending time with the exuberant Tim.

It didn’t take long for everyone to start giggling as this restless youngster nestled up near to Finny the Husky in an attempt to get friends with him.


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