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Short-Legged Cat Wins The Hearts Of Many After A Life On The Streets

In Los Angeles, California, Grace Choi is on the board of Boomers Buddies Rescue (USA). She saw a video of a dejected cat with short legs that seemed to have a congenital disorder that limits its movement. The cat, Joey, can be seen in the video attempting to conceal his face in a nook of the kennel where he was confined.

Despite the fact that Joey was a wild cat and hence unlikely to be an indoor cat, Grace felt obliged to assist him since she knew the cute and scared kitten needed a lot of affection.


Joey was calmed by Grace’s touch on his head as she made a gentle attempt to draw closer to him. Despite his nervousness, he went up to Grace in search of love.

Joey was so content that he flopped onto his side and let out the cutest purrs while having his tummy massaged.


Joey was born with a congenital disorder that prevented his two front legs from developing properly. Even though he can’t use them to walk, he nevertheless moves. The feline hops and sways like a young kangaroo.

Grace reports:

He became the largest hug creature ever after that. She only wants to be cuddled all day. I believe Joey opened up to all the love when she immediately understood she was in a secure environment.


The cat’s life had not been easy; when he arrived at the shelter, he required urgent medical treatment for a few health issues. Joey had to endure various setbacks, but Grace was at his side the entire time.

She recalls:

“Joey’s mange took around three weeks to totally heal. In addition, he was not familiar with the sandbox, so it took him a few weeks to be ready. It took some time for him to even become acclimated to a family setting.”


Grace wanted to give the kitten the best possible life and to make sure he could live indoors. It wasn’t initially that easy because Joey didn’t have much of a personality, he moved very little, and all he wanted to do was be cuddled.

Soon, Joey started to show his personality, and the moment he spotted a cat scratcher, he ran over and enthusiastically used it to give his front paw a well-deserved trim.


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