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A Sweet Dog Sees A Cat Up For Adoption And Asks Her Parents To Make Her Part Of The Family And Take Her Home With Them

They wanted to check if there were any cats available for adoption, so Kelsey Gilland and her husband went to PetSmart to get a cone for one of their dogs. The COVID -19 epidemic prevented the pair from finding any despite their searching. Paisleigh, her dog, decided to persuade them to bring home a cat even though they just intended to observe that day.

Kelsey stated to The Dodo:

“My husband turned to me and remarked, “Honey, it’s an orange cat, isn’t that what you wanted?” when he observed how they interacted. My entire being exclaimed, “YES! Let’s take him home, please!


Paisleigh was upset when they left the store without the kitten because the woman was worried about how her other cats would respond if they brought the kitten home. The woman thought that night that Paisleigh had to be a member of her family since she could not get the cat up for adoption or their connection out of her brain.

Kelsey narrates:

“I kept thinking about that adorable cat all night, and when I woke up…

I needed to visit PetSmart once more to confirm that it was still there. My spouse concurred. We put on our clothes and headed to PetSmart, where we had our own kennel since we planned to bring him home if he was still there.

Oliver, as the kitty was known, was thankfully still inside the shop. The couple couldn’t meet Oliver before adopting him because of COVID-19 regulations, but that didn’t matter to them; they recalled Paisleigh’s endearing response and welcomed Oliver home.

They were overjoyed to see Paisleigh when they came home and discovered that they still shared the same connection as when they first met in the store. They had been in love right away.


The mother of Paisleigh and Oliver remembers:

“Oliver stepped out of his cage and walked right up to Paisleigh, as if he had known her his entire life. She first merely wanted to suck it off, but he wasn’t bothered in the least. He made such loud purrs. Before allowing the other animals to assemble, they spent the next four hours cuddling in bed with me.


Oliver and the rest of his adopted siblings got along great, which quickly allayed their parents’ worries. For her part, Paisleigh was overjoyed to learn that her parents had considered her when choosing to bring Oliver home since she knew they would always be great friends.


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