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An Adorable Cat Is Very Sad After Being Returned To The Shelter, But Now He Is Looking For A New Patient Family, Who Will Love Him Forever

Oscar, a gorgeous red-haired cat who is 10 years old, is in the Burton RSCPA shelter for the third time after being turned down by his previous owners. The devoted cat longs to meet his forever family, the one that will always love and protect him.

Oscar was adopted by a family after the shelter and a few other individuals posted a post giving him up for adoption multiple times. Although it appeared that no one was interested in Oscar at the time because he had previously been returned twice, this family would modify their tale about him in October.


Oscar, often known as “the rejected cat,” is now searching for a new home once more, but this time it will be permanent. The staff at the animal shelter was shocked since they had been assured that Oscar was an endearing and friendly cat, despite his occasionally intense behavior.

On Facebook, RSPCA Burton stated:

Oscar, who was rehired because of his (sometimes) combative temperament, has been with us for three seasons as of September.


They also stated that although the news has devastated the whole workforce, they would not stop looking for a permanent and definite home until they do. They also spoke a little about Oscar’s peculiar nature since, during his stay at the shelter, they had never encountered anything peculiar.

RSPCA Burton’s remarks:

“Oscar is a fun person to be with since he is gregarious, adventurous, and outspoken. Indeed, FRIENDLY!


Although it might appear odd, the cat is not grumpy; rather, the majority of the time, it is peaceful and expressive with its meows. He usually always tries to get the staff’s attention and gently nods to let them know he’s in the shelter.

RSPCA stated:

When he first meets us in the morning, he purrs joyfully. He is not at all timid or anxious around humans. He can, however, have unexpected moments and has occasionally displayed a violent side.

They do, however, think that such unforeseen eruptions of his attitude will subside with time; he only needs a little bit of patience from his owner.

The team advises that his new family must be accepting of him for who he is and have a deep understanding of his nature. Oscar reportedly experiences coexistence issues when he is forced to perform an activity or when he is among other cats.

They still like their possible adopter to be young, but he could have issues with older ladies; this hasn’t been proved yet.


The staff believes that letting him be independent has worked really well since they don’t put any pressure on him to complete tasks. This is not imply, however, that he dislikes affection, as he generally seeks out everyone to welcome them and enables them to pet him.

Although Oscar’s former family claims that he exhibits violent behavior, the staff at the shelter has never seen him act in this way, so they are unsure of what offended him.


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