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Kitten Begins To Thrive When Another Cat Takes Her Under His Wing

After being discovered wandering alone on Canada’s chilly streets, a cute kitten starts to flourish, but what really cheered her up was the care given by another cat who became her guardian.

When they came upon the small kitten, she was exploring the streets by herself. They took her up and sent her to a Montreal animal shelter. Little Ella was then merely skin and bones, and she sobbed incessantly, so it was too evident that she needed to be saved immediately.

Volunteers from the shelter called a number of animal shelters in an effort to place the little child in a suitable foster home.


Eventually, Chatons Orphelins Montréal consented to transport her to their facility securely and to provide her all the attention she required. Little Ellie needed to develop and recover a lot, so a volunteer foster parent took her to their house so he could care for her.

Little Ellie’s mission in her cozy new home was to eat well and develop, but what she really wanted was companionship.


She broke down in tears whenever she was left alone, and she yearned to be with her caretaker at all times to make her feel safe.

She was little and delicate, and her foster family watched after her carefully. They gave her supplementary feeding all day long and made sure she gained weight every day.


Ellie informed her carers that she needed company at all times and that she never wanted to be alone again as she was recovering. The kitten quickly recovered completely with the aid of medicines, nourishing food, special attention, and most importantly, a lot of love.

From the shelter:

“She developed a strong sense of curiosity and was able to move and explore; she enjoys putting her paws on us when we are caring for her.”


The rescue organization believed the young girl could have a viable answer since she insisted on having a constant companion.

A cat named Maui and his sibling were taken to the rescue facility a few weeks before Ellie showed up. Maui’s growth had been hampered by a number of health issues, thus he was in poor condition and undersized for his age.


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