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Kitten Sneaks Into A Nest Of Kittens And Insists On Being Part Of Their Family

An abandoned kitten in in need of rescue was found by Bella, an animal rescuer in Indonesia. The tiny cat was really just skin and bones, filthy, obese, and it was clear that it hadn’t eaten in days.

The kitten was approximately a month and a half old and coated in grime when I spotted it on the streets.

The mother fed the child and placed him in a cardboard box, but the kitty quickly consumed everything.


Then he made the choice to take him home so that he could get the medical attention he needed to get better and so that he might find an adoptive family. The kitten, Daniboi, was checked and washed before she made herself at home in her foster home and took a nap to recuperate.

Dani gradually started to feel better, and after he was in good health medically, he joined the other rescued kittens at the location to interact and play.


Bella had assumed Dani would be able to get along well with other felines her age, but it seems the little guy had other ideas.

The woman had rescued a pregnant cat from the chilly streets a few weeks before to the kitten’s birth. Soon later, the cat gave birth to a litter of four kittens, which were lucky to have Bella’s warm nest as a safe haven.


Dani recognized the family of cats’ affection for one another as she started to hear small squeaks emanating from the cage where they lived. The little child was fascinated and interested about what he had witnessed, and maybe that evening he came up with a scheme and put it into motion.


The following morning, when Bella awoke, she discovered young Dani curled up next to the kittens, seemingly one of them. He appeared to have no intention of moving from where he was lying on his back in the center of the infants since he was so at ease there.


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