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Kittens Rescued From A Parking Lot Do Not Leave Each Other Waiting For A Home

In North Carolina, some kittens were left in a box in a parking lot (United States). Fortunately, a kind Samaritan named David who was walking by heard the cries and ran to help.

According to Love Meow, David discovered a total of 6 kittens and immediately called Sparkle Cat Rescue (in Burlington) for assistance with these lovely felines.

Sarah Kelly, a volunteer at the shelter who took in the kittens as their temporary foster mother, started giving these cats the attention they needed to proceed and be adopted.


Sarah saw as the days went by that two little girls, Cookies & Cream (CC) and Caramel (Cara), did everything together and did not split from one another; their friendship was extremely strong.


The two sisters live close by and are a fantastic dynamic combo when they snuggle and purr themselves to sleep during naps.


The days passed and the kittens began to show good growth, thanks to Sarah’s care.


These lovely cats became well and were prepared to be adopted by a family that could provide them a decent quality of life.


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