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This Kitten Was Born With Developmental Problems, He Is Half The Size Of His Siblings, But With The Efforts Of His Rescuers And His Will To Live, He Is Determined To Get Ahead

In Los Angeles, California, there is a group called Alley Cat Rescue that cares for and houses cats. Her mother and a sizable litter of kittens arrived to the rescue facility together; the babies were in dire straits and the mother was reduced to skin and bones.

Despite her condition, this cat tried to nurse her young. She had a total of 8 kittens, but sadly only one of them survived.

One of the kittens was found to be too little, around half the size of its siblings, when compared to the other cats.


Volunteers from the group jumped into action and started giving the mother their whole attention in order to rehabilitate her health, while others looked after and fed the baby.

They had an upper respiratory illness, were coated in fleas, and were attempting to care for a mother cat that was quite underweight. We provided mother a lot of food in addition to Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR), which we supplemented for all the kittens.


The tiniest kitten, dubbed Bubble Gum, weighed roughly 10 ounces at the age of 10 days. Despite his small size and fragility, he always ate as if it were his final meal.


Added by the shelter:

We were aware that kittens under 100 grams have a decreased chance of surviving, so we worked harder to keep him warm and fed so he could acquire weight.


The realization that the little one weighted half as much as his brothers was a difficult beginning for the cute kitty. He gradually started to put on weight, and after just one week in the shelter, he was already twice as heavy.


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