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Woman Adopts A Kitten And Realizes That It Is Completely Covered In Hearts

When Katie Duda came across a post at Wrenn Rescues listing several cats in need of a home, she was still quite depressed at the recent loss of her cat Lucky. River was the cat Katie fell in love with, as well as River’s brother.

When they first moved into their new house, River was a little shy and liked to hide, so Katie attempted to make it a comfortable area with all the room she needed. River’s mother started to see more heart-shaped markings on his fur as he appeared to be more at ease with his new home over time.


River is a very loving and kind boy, and after spending some time with his new family, Katie gradually realized that his fur was covered with hearts.

The lady narrates:

“I confirmed one on his breast, saw that he had a heart-shaped nose rather than the typical cat’s heart-shaped nose, and more. We have discovered seven entire hearts so far, along with two locations that occasionally appear cheery.


River is a kind guy who loves spending time with his humans but is always mindful of his brother Remi, who River protects and constantly monitors.

Katie recalls:

“Remi wanted to sit in a large plant pot in our dining room yesterday. Remi was furious because she had put aluminum foil in the pot to stop the kittens from playing in the soil. I observed River generously removing Remi’s foil so she may lay on the ground.


River is a very calm and sensitive kitten, and his new mother can see by the hearts in his fur that she made the right choice by taking him home.

Katie promises:

“My initial reaction was that Lucky is letting us know how much he loves us by putting hearts in River. My family may not take River’s hearts literally, but the love they represent is extremely genuine.


The addition of River and Remi has made the family feel whole, and his mother informs him that River has a kind and noble character and is constantly concerned about his family’s well-being.

Added Katy

He is composed, focused, and loving. With River and Remi by their sides, my children have been able to gently grieve and recover. The kittens have really given us peace, contrary to what he had anticipated they would do. The heart-covered River is patching together damaged hearts.


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