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Kitten Is Overjoyed To Have A Family Now That His Mother Has Rejected Him

Last year, as fall drew near, Laura, who lives in England with her husband, came across a post in which one of her friends requested assistance in caring for a kitten that was around 5 weeks old. After being rejected by his mother, the little kid needed a place to call home.

It appears that the little kitten was a girl who wandered to a nearby farm. The owner of the location where she was located was unable to care for her, so he requested assistance to provide the small ball of fur the urgent medical care she required.

She was a farmyard trash dwarf who, it seems, was not accepted by her mother. She was just five weeks old, flea-infested, and suffering from eye ulcers.


The young kitten was only skin and bones and in critical condition. He also had an upper respiratory illness that required medical attention. Despite everything, she was a really lovely and sweet girl.

Laura recalls:

“I scheduled a visit with the veterinarian, picked her up, and drove there immediately. She meowed the entire drive to the vet since she was considerably smaller than she had anticipated.


On her first day at home, the cute cat continued to follow her owners. She attempted to cuddle on her lap in an attempt to get some attention; nevertheless, that night she woke up about midnight begging for food and some attention.

Because Laura required frequent feedings, the first few nights were a little challenging. The pair wanted their new addition to feel well and recuperate.


He immediately flourished due to the attention of his new parents, treatments for his respiratory issue and fleas, healthy food, and plenty of TLC (Time, Love, and Care). In just a few days, her eyes began to clear up, she saw a noticeable weight gain, and she displayed much more enthusiasm.

Laura states:

He started eating, drinking, playing, and using the litter box as soon as he got home. He was a celebrity.


Laura was instantly smitten with the little ball of fluff and knew she wanted to bring her home the moment she laid eyes on her.

She uttered:

Lewis, my husband, agreed that we may see her at home as long as he choose the name Riley.


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