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Kitten Took Her Sister To The Woman Who Was Kind To Her

After leaving a veterinary clinic, Milena, a volunteer at Chatons Orphelins Montréal in Montreal, Canada, opted to travel a different route to meet up with another volunteer. A gray cat was observing the woman with interest and, appreciating the attention shown to her, decided to accompany her sibling.

The curious cat was summoned by Milena, who joyfully approached her right away. She was given some food by the woman, which the young girl eagerly accepted.

“At that point, he realized the kitty was carrying a large pregnancy tummy. Milena opened a can of food she had in her luggage since the woman appeared to be hungry.


The kitten stopped in the middle of everything and started to meow and purr while happily eating the food.

Celine explains:

Milena initially believed the kitten was content to eat because it was purring contentedly, but then she heard another cat approaching from behind.


A second black and white cat suddenly materialized next to Milena and joined the feast; it appears that the gray kitten’s meows were an invitation to her sister to eat. She was glad to have been there at that precise moment.

Fortunately, she had an empty pet carrier with her, and it all seemed predetermined because she had just driven a cat to the vet.


Milena approached them slightly to give them a gentle touch and noticed how adoring they were. The cute kittens appeared to comprehend that they would be protected and were going to leave the street life behind as they rubbed on the woman in thanks after finishing their meal.

Celine continued:

They were presumably from the same litter and younger than a year old. There was no sign of a chip. They were given the names Freya (gray) and Keisha (black and white), respectively.


Four preterm infants who Freya gave birth to shortly after unfortunately did not survive despite rescue efforts. The sisters were sterilized so they wouldn’t have to go through life on the streets again after this trying experience.

They rapidly adjusted to life as indoor cats in the foster household. After the traumatic event, Keisha stayed by Freya’s side to console her and give her a sense of security.


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