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Man Films What His Cat Does When He’s Not Around And Almost Breaks His Heart

Although it may not seem like it in the case of cats, they are softer, more friendly, and more loving than one might assume. The love that animals feel for their families is frequently unexplainable.

Rob Moore, a physical trainer, has two cats named Shorty (black) and Kodi (black and white), who rose to fame after their father posted a video to YouTube that quickly went viral. If anybody can speak to the affection that cats proclaim, it is Rob Moore.

Kodi’s response to his father leaving would break your heart; the sounds he made indicated great anguish and a wish to see Dad return. One day, Rob installed cameras at his house to record how his cats behaved while he was away.


When Rob isn’t there, his cat meows loudly, and Rob says he’s amazed his neighbors haven’t complained. His actions haven’t altered much since the popular video, however sometimes he leaves the camera rolling to see what he does.

The father tells Bored Panda the following:

He always rants at me when I get home like I’ve been away for days, so I pay close listen to him while he tells me all the horrible things he’s gone through (he’s quite the storyteller).


When Rob departs, though, Shorty “doesn’t give a damn” and “just looks at Kodi like he’s a moron.”

The guy claims that his cats “really enjoyed the epidemic,” they don’t like to be left alone, and they follow him around the house when he is home.


He stated:

If these lovely furry beings weren’t here, our world would be considerably smaller.

Rob wants to demonstrate to the world that having cats makes “life lovely” by adopting Shorty and Kodi from a shelter. Shorty is a little older and was born on September 24, 2010, while Kodi was born on January 17, 2012.


Says Rob

“Our intrinsic desire to assist our community is one of the characteristics that make us human. We feel better about what we’re doing when we feel like we’re making a contribution because it validates what we’re doing.


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