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Rescued Kitten Holds On To Family Cat And Is Determined To Win It Over

The 5-month-old orange kitten was escorted by other cats as it walked the streets of Los Angeles. For their benefit, Friends for Life Rescue Network learned about the cats and made the decision to act to transport them to safety.

In order to attract volunteers to care for animals in need, the rescue organization then placed a post online.

The article touched Allie Malin, who promptly submitted an application to assist with foster children.


So, without second thought, the woman asked to take him in by sending a picture of the gorgeous orange cat with curling ears that was part of the group. The small cat was picked up from the shelter the next day and taken home by the woman; Allie fell in love with the pet right away.


The cat, Liryc, has shown himself to be a loving creature since moving into his new house and has acclimated to it quickly. The cat that was found on the streets appeared to have always been in Allie’s home since he was not slow to display his individuality.


Liryc quickly understood there was a second cat in the home when she detected its fragrance coming from the bedroom door. Because he was eager to see the other cat because, after all, they were brothers, he started to meow in this manner.

Marley, the resident cat of the home, heard the meows and walked over to see; he was interested as to who he was.


The orange cat rushed up to Marley as the door opened and insisted on a nice encounter to give him a hearty greeting. Marley turned around to maintain his personal space since he wasn’t too sure about the new house cat, and he appeared to be envious.

Liryc was tenacious and wouldn’t accept no for an answer, despite Marley’s reluctance to share her home with another kitty. The noisy, energetic kitten imitated his adoptive brother’s actions and sounds, and followed him everywhere.


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