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3-Legged Kitten Grabs A Kind Woman By The Hand And Insists On Going Home With Her

The risks of an accident, a callous human, a disease, and the weather make life on the streets difficult for any animal. Each of these circumstances has the potential to result in the death of a person who has not earned such a destiny.

The incident in today’s story took place in Istanbul, Turkey. An injured kitten with issues in one of her legs showed up one day at the Ashen veterinary clinic. Due to the severity of the little girl’s injury, the shelter where she was brought had to transport her straight to the clinic.


A few days had gone since Ahsen had helped the cat, but she could not stop thinking about her and the kitten’s reaction to seeing her.


Ashen loves cats and has numerous of them in her home. All of them were rescues, and some of them require particular care.


“I couldn’t get her off my mind and kept thinking about her. I made the decision to go back and visit her, and if she was still there, she would adopt her and do all in her power to provide for her with the greatest possible life.

After recovering for a few days, Ahsen was reunited with the kitten to bring her to her future home. Ahsen gave the cat the name “Ekim,” which is Turkish for October.


The content cat only wanted to spend time with her favorite person and receive lots of hugs when she got home, but Ahsen made sure her siblings adopted her and adored her.


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