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4 Rescued Orange Kittens Insist On Doing Everything Together And Stay Together

A group of four kittens in need of a shelter and a lot of care were the lucky ones in this touching tale, which takes place in Oregon where there are some who are always eager to help those in need.

A wild mother gave birth to the kittens a few weeks ago. When they were weaned, the kittens were delivered to Salem Friends of Felines, an animal rescue facility in Salem, Oregon, after being found by a good Samaritan (United States).

Here, they receive all the luxuries and attention they are entitled to while they develop and become ready to join a lovely family.


Drummer Boy, Cupid, Tinsel, and Dancer are the names of the four kittens, all of them are male and look very much alike.


“So far, I’ve already seen several differences: Drummer Boy’s tail doesn’t come to a point and stops at a square, while Tinsel’s is the lightest with the narrowest face.”

The kittens explored their foster house like all “Boy Scouts,” going on adventures together whenever possible. If one stopped and chose to rest, they all followed him and slept off sweetly while purring.


They would play and snooze together, and whenever they spotted Kayla, they would come up one by one and cuddle up to her for a hug. It was noticed that these four small critters had a really close attachment.


Says Kayla

“Tinsel is an eye-catcher. He becomes envious if you don’t pay him your complete attention. He’s very cute! He enjoys spending time with my jacket. Drummer boy like putting his shoulders on mine. When he is there, he is in his happy place. Dancer and Cupid are inseparable.


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