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A Sweet Kitten Rescued In The Middle Of A Highway Loves Hugs And Hopes To Find A Forever Family

Tiffany is a member of the American Michigan Humane animal shelter. When she noticed a cat curled up in the cold in the middle of the roadway, she was just about to answer a call. As she got closer, she noticed a cat curled up on top of an orange plastic bag in the snow and dirt outside her window.

The cat huddled up next to Tiffany as soon as Tiffany was able to take her up and provide some warmth. Amazingly, the kitten had made it through the weather and the journey, and it appeared to be in good health.

Despite being extremely cold, he was in excellent form. And he was eager to reach a warm location and receive lots of embraces.


When the adorable 4-month-old kitten named “Lodge” returned to the Detroit animal shelter, he instantly won over everyone there with his loving demeanor and penchant for cuddles.

Since his rescue, the endearing Lodge has been obsessed with cuddling and pampering and is constantly looking for attention.

Anna reports:

“Lodge is a cute, affectionate cat with a dash of attitude. He enjoys being carried and playing.


For the time being, the shelter is looking for the ideal home for this devoted rescue cat. Due to the cat’s enthusiasm, they advise that Lodge go to a household without very small children as they are now getting adoption applications and will soon find the perfect home for him.


What is certain is that Lodge will receive a lot of love and affection at his new home because the feisty cat deserves it.

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