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An Adorable Tiny Kitten Was The Only Survivor Of A Litter Of Rescue Kittens, Now She’s Determined To Grow Up And Be Happy

A little kitten in Virginia, United States, battled valiantly to survive and grow up despite having several health issues and needing urgent medical care.

A litter of newborn kittens in need of special care were carried home by Heather, a volunteer at the Norfolk Animal Care Center in Virginia. Despite the woman’s best attempts to preserve the kittens, only one of them—a little cat by the name of Clove—was successful in moving forward.

Even though Clove was only the size of the palm of her hand and was dealing with several health problems, she was determined to cling on.


“I promised Clove that if she didn’t give up on me, I wouldn’t either.”


The woman carried on giving syringe-fed particular attention, assistance, and feeding throughout the day. Despite being extremely little for her age, Clove shown a strong will to live and ate every bit of food she was given.


As Heather said:

She was gaining weight steadily until she reached a weight at which the veterinarian felt confident administering medicines. She started to flourish after just 10 days.

The young girl’s eyes started to clear up, and she felt much better overall. She perked up and started to get up using her tiny legs.


Clove transitioned from the incubator to an enhanced cat suite, and for the first time in her life, she was really curious to learn more about her new surroundings. The lovely cat began smelling everywhere and even sought to delve much further into her exploration since she was curious about her new home.


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