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Kittens Found Separately Became Inseparable Friends at Shelter

Victor Frankenstein, a little gray kitten, was found abandoned on the streets of Brooklyn and brought to a shelter in New York. While visiting the shelter to pick up a litter of abandoned kittens, Jess Thoren, a KittenBnB foster mom in New Jersey, noticed the tiny cat and decided to take it home as well.

Although tiny Frankie was a few weeks younger, the three elder cats, Eva Ernst, Count Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll, did not hesitate to embrace the new acquaintance and began playing together as if they had known each other their entire lives.

She was the youngest of the kittens by roughly two weeks. He came at the shelter that morning without a place to stay.


Frankie would observe his brothers playing all over the place because he was much younger and was still learning to walk.


Jess’s husband Erik Thoren stated:

He was completely pleased to lie in bed and watch his bigger brothers run.


As the days passed, Frankie grew fond of his black cat brother Dracula, so he made the decision to gain his love in every way possible. He searched for Dracula, massaged him, lay down next to him, and always played with him.


Dracula welcomed Frankie as his sidekick in mischief as soon as he learned to walk and keep up with his siblings, and they began doing everything together.

Erik also said

He’s always tried to keep up with his elder siblings, playing more of the “little brother” role.

Every day their connection got deeper, and they eventually became so devoted to one another that after meals they would either take naps while cuddling or snuggle to the sound of purring.


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